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We are a family owned kennel in Grass Valley California in the Gold Country of the Sierra Foothills (Nevada County), a place we like to call “ God's Country.“

All our dogs and pups are registered with one or more of the following:
“ ABKC “ American Bully Kennel Club
“ UKC “ United Kennel Club
“ ADBA “ American Dog Breeders Association

The Kennel Name “Nor-Cal Kennels” is registered to us and only us through the American Dog Breeders Association.

We breed and show the highest quality American Pitbull Terrier “World Wide”.
We started our kennel by purchasing pick of the litter pups from other top quality kennels across the United States.

Our dogs are from the best bloodlines such as Gottiline, Razors Edge, Grey line, Kingpin line and Mikeland blood.

We breed both traditional Pitbulls and the ever so popular Bully Style Pits known as the American Bully.

A traditional Pitbull is a style of dog that fits the standards of the UKC and ADBA. The American Bully fits a wider range of standard set by the ABKC.

Our pups make very good family pets and have the best pet quality temperaments.

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us if you have any questions in regards to our pups or would just like to talk about the breed.


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